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What is a face pyjama?

A face pyjama is, broadly speaking, a euphemism waiting to happen. It encompasses all phrases which sound like they should be euphemistic for something, whether obvious or not. The term comes from the very first ever face pyjama, "face pyjama."

More specifically, it might be said that face pyjamas should be unobvious euphemisms. "Muffler swan," therefore, has more claim to being a face pyjama than "chocolate monkey." Submitted and accepted face pyjamas that are later considered unsubtle are retained, but deprecated.

Who decides on face pyjamas?

Me. Anyone can submit a face pyjama by e-mailing me, but in the final analysis I edit the list. Credit for contributions so far:

J.-P. Stacey, C. R. Batchelor, J. E. McKnight, E. Baldwin, T. Hartney, P. A. Gilkerson, H. T. F. Braun, H. E. Bright, N. Bull, P. Purser-Hallard, T. C. Weaver , S. Cozens, B. Murray, A. Bullard, J. Dore, E. J. Beaumont Bissell, S. Arrowsmith (in rough order of first contribution).

Deprecating a face pyjama is a more open process. Analogous to black-balling, anyone can say "I think this is an obvious face pyjama because..." and if you can give a reasonable "obvious" interpretation, it will be deprecated. E-mail me if you wish to deprecate a face pyjama, giving the exact wording of the face pyjama and your reasons.

Do you know about the random euphemism generator(s)?

Yes, and it worried me a fair bit when I first saw one. However, unlike the generator, which might be considered a toy, this list is the result of considered contributions and debate. The analogy might be drawn between haikus and random haiku generators. Every now and again you might get an interesting haiku about Bill Gates' bottom, but there is a low signal-to-noise ratio, and many attempts miss the mark.

In addition, and I suppose I should thank C. R. Batchelor for this, the deprecation system is an attempt to "clean up" the face pyjamas. Whilst the random euphemism generators are aimed at Benny Hill humour, face pyjamas should be more bizarre than lewd.

I have another question, or a face pyjama, or a deprecation to make!

Excellent. E-mail me here and I'll reply as soon as possible.